Multicam Recording & Streaming

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MultiCAM may only be a newcomer to the video production and recording suite market, but it’s easy to use interface is proving very popular with anyone wanting to capture presentations and lectures at a professional standard.

We’re proud to reveal we are an authorised reseller for the MultiCAM system.

How it works

MultiCAM simultaneously records a camera feed, and the output from the PC or laptop being used by the presenter. Nothing new in that, but MultiCAM lets you do it all via a simple, intuitive touchscreen display. And unlike other systems, gives you the option to switch between up to four separate video feeds.

Multicam systems including:

  • MultiCAM STUDIO – an all-in-one solution for live video production
  • MultiCAM E-LEARNING – an intuitive video switcher, dedicated to capture and podcast presentations
  • MultiCAM TRACKING – A fully automated video recording tool, particularly suited to conferences and e-learning.

Available now for hire or permanent installation. Talk to our MultiCAM team for more.

The Multicam story

Founded in 2010, MultiCAM Systems designs and develops easy-to-use live video production tools, which feature advanced video switching capabilities and PTZ camera technology for recording, live streaming and podcasting.