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Council Chambers AV

With large assemblies of people involved in meetings, public and council facilities require specialised council chamber AV systems. The need for specialist equipment arises from numerous speakers requiring in-seat access to microphones and presentation controls to contribute to discussions effectively.

Our council chamber AV packages are designed to facilitate the audio and visual aspects of council meetings, both within council chambers or in venues throughout the districts.

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Public and Council facilities

Our extensive experience designing, supplying and installing for public and council facilities helps us to assess your specific council chamber AV needs. We can provide and integrate the latest conferencing discussion systems from Shure, Televic and Bosch. We also offer wireless portable delegate discussion systems that are easy to set up in ‘flexible space’ venues across entire districts.

In addition to professional audio, our range of Audio Visual systems for council chambers offers you choice, flexibility and scalability to meet your council AV needs.

Easy to operate

Our carefully designed and calibrated systems deliver intelligible audio, no interference and modern, easy-to-use equipment. 

East Hampshire council, for example, use one of our easy-to-operate mobile systems that features a wired delegate microphone systems and wireless speakers that pack away in protective flight cases when not in use. Key to this installation’s success was the simplicity of the design. With one power switch and two volume control knobs, the systems met the brief of being intuitive and easy-to-use.

Video recording systems produce the ultimate public record. We offer the easy-to-operate touchscreen MultiCAM streaming and recording system to complete your council chamber AV system.

MultiCAM is a feature-rich system which allows you to create professional-quality recordings. You can use multiple cameras to vary your shots, add titles such as speaker names, and include content such as PowerPoint directly from your laptop. Additionally, MultiCAM provides automatic speaker tracking. Each time a speaker pushes their microphone button to speak, one of the cameras moves so that the speaker appears on the screen. 

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