Barco Clickshare CSE-200

ClickShare CSE-200 -

Barco CSE-200

If you’re looking for 10+ connections, extra functionality and security, the CSE-200 comes with two USB Buttons:

  • Plug in, hit the button, and share!
  • Add more buttons – up to 16 simultaneous connections
  • Side-by-side screen display
  • Full function connections for tablets and iPhones via Airplay and Mirror Op

New for 2016, the Barco ClickShare CSE-200 is a retooled and upgraded version of the popular CSM-1, offering the same functionality as before, but adding exciting new features. Those include a faster processor for a better picture and reduced image lag, enhanced security features via an improved API interface, and integrated AirPlay.

The Barco Clickshare CSE-200 wireless collaboration system pack, comes with 2 “click to share” USB buttons and the base station, which connects to your display or meeting room monitor via HDMI.

Once connected, the CSE-200 is able to display 2 separate user feeds on screen at the same time, allowing you to compare screens side-by-side.

ClickShare will recognize a huge array of laptop types and screen resolutions, and automatically uses the optimal arrangement for the best picture. And unlike other systems, it will create its own WiFi network to transfer signals from button to base station, so your office network remains protected, uninterrupted and no one need hunt around for the intranet guest network key.

iPhone’s can share dynamic content via the integrated AirPlay support option, as can Samsung Galaxy owners, using the MirrorOp app. Android users can share static content with the free ClickShare app.

For regular users, Barco offers a software install for your laptop, so you won’t need to run the button’s executable file each time you use the system.

Need more? 64 simultaneous connections in 4K, 4 way screen sharing with zero latency? Check out the Barco ClickShare CSC-1.