Barco Clickshare CSC-1

ClickShare CSC-1 -

Barco CSC-1

ClickShare’s flagship wireless presentation system:

  • 4K image resolution and zero lag
  • Supplied with four USB buttons – hub can support up to 64
  • See up to four displays onscreen at once
  • Full function connections for tablets and iPhones via Airplay and Mirror Op

Known as the ‘one click wonder’, the Barco Clickshare wireless presentation system consists of a base station, which connects to your meeting room HDMI monitor or projector, and a set of four USB buttons.

The system really is a ‘plug and play’ set up: all you have to do is connect a USB button, let the device run a short routine to establish the base station connection, then when you’re ready to share your screen with the room, go ahead and hit the button.

Within seconds your display is mirrored to the meeting room monitor, screen display or projector.

IPhone and iPad users can collaborate too, using AirPlay, or via the app ( also available for Android).

Plug into simplicity – tap into amazing

Share up to 4 presentations on screen at any time, in hyper-detailed 4K resolution; expand your system to with additional buttons – the CSC-1 can cope with 64 simultaneous connections, from either buttons, Airplay, Mirror Op or the free Clickshare app for Android/iOS (limited functionality).

The system is also dual screen compatible, and with zero lag between sound and vision, offers a fully synced experience.

Unlike other systems, Clickshare creates its own WiFi network to transfer signals from button to base station, so your office network remains protected, uninterrupted and no one need hunt around for the intranet guest network key.

For regular users, Barco offers a software install for your laptop, so you won’t need to run the button’s executable file every time.

For serious connectivity and collaboration, the CSC-1 is the top of the range option.