Barco Clickshare CS-100

Clickshare CS-100 -

Barco CS-100

Barco’s entry level wireless collaboration system, supplied with a single USB Button:

  • Plug in, hit the button, and share!
  • Add more buttons – up to 8 can connect at a time
  • Buttons require no external power or battery
  • Allow additional sharing with the Android/iOS ClickShare app

Brand new for 2016, The CS-100 is designed for small rooms, but stills pack a punch. The affordable option, the CS-100 will connect with your laptop, iPhone or Android device, allowing them to share static content via the free app.

The CS-100 includes a base station, which connects to any HDMI display, and one “click to share” USB button. The system is upgradeable with additional buttons, with the hub capable of hosting eight simultaneous USB buttons.

With no software to install*, Clickshare is simple to use. The USB button self-launches an executable file on connection, so guests can walk into the room, plug in, click, and share.

Pushing all the right buttons

ClickShare will recognise a huge array of laptop types and screen resolutions, and automatically uses the optimal arrangement for the best picture. And unlike other systems, it will create its own WiFi network to transfer signals from button to base station, so your office network remains protected, uninterrupted and no one need hunt around for the intranet guest network key.

The CS-100 also features an RJ45 network connection, so your IT team can access a web browser for specific security or company policy requirements.

*Regular users can install a small desktop app, which will bypass the button’s own executable file each time you connect.