Large Format Displays

Large format screens -

The big picture

Large format displays are specialist monitors, purpose-built for commercial use.

Whilst it is possible to use a TV as the display in a meeting room, we can supply and install displays specifically for use in office environments as they offer several key advantages, featuring:

  • low reflective screens for use in brightly lit spaces
  • dual orientation (can be installed vertically or horizontally)
  • RS232 control port, which allows the screen to be controlled by an AV control system
  • A wide range of dimensions — from 32” to 98”
  • a range of performance options for 12/7, 16/7 and 24/7 operation
  • A greater brightness range for dark theatres or bright receptions.

We use large format displays for digital signage, with some models able to display timed content directly thanks to in-built processors and scheduling software.

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