Bespoke Audio Visual Furniture

Audio Visual systems, for the most part, are made up of a number of pieces of equipment.

That’s why we design and build bespoke AV furniture to integrate the essential hardware into your meeting room. Our custom-made, hand-built cabinets also incorporate cooling and ventilation systems, which prevent your kit from overheating.

Handmade to do the job

Photo of - AV furniture -

All our audio visual credenzas feature a removable rack sleeve design. We secure all the internal cabling required for your system to it, alongside the hardware and cooling system, which will significantly increase your system’s reliability.



The custom advantage:

  • Available in a range of materials and finishes
  • Furniture depth is tailored to fit the equipment
  • Creative solutions to difficult rooms including integrated monitor supports for screens in front of windows, and structural column cut-outs to maximise available space
  • Easy access for connection to room cables
  • Built-in ventilation and thermostatically controlled cooling fans
  • Integrated connection panels for easy maintenance
  • Removable equipment racks
  • Complimentary table design and build also available

The cables under the table

Photo of - Hidden cables - a source of mishap, the connections between table-top hardware (phones, laptops, etc) and the power and network points in the floor are easily disturbed by errant feet.

Our specialist AV Cable Column offers a practical solution and can be used with a new table, or your existing meeting room furniture.

No space too big

Photo of - Large AV meeting rooms - and larger meeting rooms often feature podiums for keynote speeches. We have considerable experience in the design and construction of lecterns with integrated touch screen panels and are happy to discuss your specific needs.