Audio Visual Control Systems

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Power is nothing without control.

An audio visual system should be easy to use. That way, users can focus on the purpose of the presentation, not worry about what happens if they press the wrong button.

That’s why the user experience is crucial, and why we design our systems with ‘ease of use’ as a primary consideration.

Keep it simple

Standard meeting rooms usually need little more than an on/off switch for the monitor or projector, a volume control, and an input selection switch.

In a basic system, these functions are routed to a single wall mounted control pad, such as those made by Extron and Crestron.

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These adaptable systems can be easily upgraded to handle audio conference calls, too: all the user need do is select audio-conferencing on the touch panel, then dial the number on the page with the numerical touchpad.



An Unexpected bonus

Clients with several meeting rooms for whom we’ve installed such a system have come back to us with an unexpected discovery: an increase in productivity and performance from their teams.

Simple systems which only need to be demonstrated once, mean IT and office management staff spend less time hurrying between meetings to solve different combinations of problems, and without having to make small talk while waiting for someone to get the projector working, meetings take less time and reach faster conclusions.

Your choice of system

And while wall mounted control panels can put an end to company-wide emails asking who’s got the remote for the boardroom TV, we also supply desk mounted wired or wireless touchpad control systems.

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