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£95.00 Ex VAT

Small form factor for turning any screen into an intelligent display

Product Description

Meet the world’s smallest Chrome OS device – its small size and price tag makes it ideal for digital signage, turning any screen into an intelligent display

  • Easy-to-manage all your devices across your organisation from a single console
  • Cost-effective, and highly-scalable solution for signage, kiosks, and other business applications
  • Ideal for simple signage displays with basic content needs (low cost for low usage)
  • Pocket Mobile ThinClient dedicated to running Citrix Receiver suited for connecting to environments with highly restricted policies for corporate or government employees
  • Comes with dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi and bendable HDMI connector with extension cable for connecting to hard-to-reach HDMI ports

Contact us to sign-up for a free 30-day trial of the Chrome device management console and begin managing your signage/kiosk devices in minutes.


Chrome Device Management Console
£31.00 p.a.

Chrome Kiosk & Digital Signage Console
£20.00 p.a


User Policies

Push policies on a user level

Devices Policies

Push policies on a device level,
e.g. forced enrolment

Public Sessions

Ability to lanuch a public web browsing mode

Network Configs

Apply network configurations

Pushing Apps

Preset apps, push new apps

PC Workstation

Utillise productivity applications such as Google Docs,
implement virtualisations platforms