Meeting Room Furniture

Phot of - AV Furniture -

Bespoke furniture hiding technology in plain sight

Audio Visual systems can mean a lot of unavoidably bulky equipment. Not the sort of thing you want to see cluttering up a meeting room. So we build custom audio visual furniture to make sure the hardware remains at hand, but out of sight.

Handcrafted to do the job

Our audio visual credenzas feature a rack sleeve design, onto which we secure the interconnecting cables and hardware. The racks also incorporate a thermostatic fan, making sure everything’s kept cool, increasing your system’s reliability.



The custom advantage:

  • Designed to suit the depth of the equipment
  • Built-in ventilation and fans
  • integrated connection panels for easy installation, service, maintenance and connection to room cables
  • A wide range of finishes available
  • Creative solutions for difficult spaces – including integrated display stands for all glass rooms, and cutouts to cope with structural features
  • Complimentary table design and build also available

The cables under the table

Photo of - Hidden cables - specialist audio visual Cable Column offers a practical solution a common problem.

The connections between table-top hardware (phones and laptops, for example) and the power and network points in the floor can be easily disturbed by restless feet.

The Cable column solution works brilliantly with existing tables or can be delivered as part of a full furniture package.